OLD against NEW – that also works sustainably


If you love your new dog basket, pillow or blanket from DOGS in the CITY®, as much as we do, then cherish the beautiful new piece. We have made sure that all our products are machine washable and due to the high quality fabrics, have a long life.

If, however, by too much love, a piece is nibbled or after some time the cover is no longer to your taste, we are happy to offer replacement covers, because the inner cushions are usually still beautiful and stable. Some spots or a chewed or torn zipper can also be repaired if necessary. Or ask us for filling material for re-stuffing, if a little more padding would be good after long use.

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

DOGS in the CITY® - Sustaniability!
DOGS in the CITY® - Sustaniability!

Recycling deluxe


We don't like to throw away! In the production of dog beds, baskets, pillows & Co. always arise during the cutting of scraps of fabric. These we do not simply throw away.

From this we lovingly handcraft our plush bones, small treat bags, plush figures or small blankets and mini cuddly pillows.

Larger pieces of fabric, which we have obtained as samples and which have not made it into our collection, we regularly donate to workshops, schools, kindergartens, etc. so that new things can also be created from them and we support the education on and with fabrics.

Single pieces that were sewn as samples and do not make it into our current collection, we either offer at discounted prices in our outlet or donate them to animal welfare organizations.


Packaging & Transportation


Foils, bags and cardboard boxes are used several times by us. By using stable recycled foils and cardboard boxes, it is possible for us to use this packaging more often. Thus, one or the other cardboard box, which contains the new favorite bed, has often seen many cities or countries and does a "good job" even for the third time.

Due to the proximity of our tailor shops, we avoid long transport routes and wait with a delivery until a larger vehicle is optimally fully loaded before it makes its way to our warehouse.

DOGS in the CITY® - Sustaniability!
DOGS in the CITY® - Sustaniability!

Animal welfare and support for those in need


We are regularly asked for support by a wide variety of organizations.
Whether from animal boards, animal welfare organizations or associations that train assistance dogs. The spectrum is very large here.

So that we can meet as many requests as possible, we collect and store correspondingly beautiful, useful and helpful products with which we can support charity projects, make summer parties with raffle prizes a little more colorful, give animal shelters a few new places to sleep, and much more.


Return = voucher!


Return your old DOGS in the CITY® bed, pillow or basket to us and receive a 20% discount voucher on your new product in our store!


Please note that the sent products come to us are washed and without major defects.
We collect these beds to give them to needy dogs from shelters, animal welfare organizations, etc.

DOGS in the CITY® - Sustaniability!