DOGS in the CITY® - Exclusive dog beds and dog cushions designed and handmade in Germany & EU

DOGS in the CITY® – a genuine Hamburg label was founded in 2006 by Nicole Meins and is a trendsetter and Premium manufacturer for dog sleeping places with innovative designs. The drive to this day is that sleeping places for dogs should not only be healthy, sustainable and fairly produced, but also be seen as a piece of furniture in your own four walls and thus enrich your own interior and lifestyle.

All materials used are sourced and processed from Germany and EU countries. Small to medium-sized family businesses work together with much love and creativity on one goal: to produce high-quality, durable, healthy and simply beautiful sleeping and resting places for dogs. Thus, the beautiful, new dog sofa, the dog bed for small dogs in XS to large dogs in XXL, the dog cushions with support function in S to L and for the perfect finish the matching dog blankets are created in loving and skilled craftsmanship.

Browse and store in the Official DOGS in the CITY Shop your new luxury dog sofa made of faux leather, your dog basket with fake fur, your dog cushion with support function, for your little ones the dog cave or cat cave or color-coordinated the dog bed in the trendy colors with the matching dog blankets. For all puppies you will find the right equipment. As a specialist for sleeping places for dogs, you will find the basic lines as well as the premium dog baskets, box beds and pillows as soon as your dog is fully grown, and much more.

The dog beds, dog cushions, dog sofas, dog baskets and dog blankets of the brand DOGS in the CITY are in large parts removable and always washable in the washing machine. Outer fabrics, as well as the filling materials meet the highest quality and environmental standards. The use of animal products or animal by-products, such as leather, fur, wool, etc. is deliberately avoided and vegan alternatives are used, just

Exclusive Dog Beds, Cushions, Blankets & Accessories for Dogs with the highest demands

Your DOGS in the CITY Team

DOGS in the CITY | Nicole Meins

Dog beds for your four-legged friend

Are you looking for a dog basket or cushion that combines luxury and comfort?  
Or have you still not found a beautiful and functional dog bed with orthopaedic properties for your faithful companion? Is the arrival of a puppy or a dog from the shelter pending and you are looking for the perfect place to sleep?

At DOGS in the CITY we offer you a wide range of dog baskets made of high-quality and washable materials for all dog breeds, whether small or large, young or old. We are a small company based in Hamburg and have our sleeping places for dogs manufactured in Germany and the countries of the EU.
All fabrics are robust and resistant to animal hair. With much love to the detail and in highly professional manual work the dog baskets, cushions, dog covers and accessories are manufactured in manual work.

When purchasing the fabrics, we pay attention not only to functionality and washability, but also to colours, patterns and colour combinations. After all, the beds and pillows should integrate perfectly into your interior later on. We would like to orient ourselves on many furnishing styles; whether the country house style, Industrial Chic, Bauhaus, Shabby Chic, or the classic styles with lots of warm wood and natural tones and the cooler furnishings with stainless steel, black, white and gray tones.

Now you are spoilt for choice - but we are sure that you will find your personal favourite in our shop.
Browse through our shop and find the perfect dog sofa or pillow for you as a new retreat and resting place for your darling. Simply beautiful and suitable for your home, easy-care and at the same time healthy and very comfortable for your dog.

Exclusive dog baskets

In this column you find the somewhat unusual dog sofas, dog beds and cushions.
Exceptionally designed fabrics, special features, piping made of satin or leather, special shapes on dog beds etc.. With these series we have combined luxury and lifestyle with the best comfort.

Made in Germany in highly professional handwork, you will find here the very special sleeping places.  
The dog pillows and box beds from Alcanterra, for example, not only captivate by their noble simplicity, they are above all highly robust against dirt, dirt, claws etc.. This Alcanterra material is almost indestructible, although it feels so soft and handy.

We equip many hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France etc. with this Alcanterra collection. Here belong the Mandarain Oriental, the Atlantik Kempinski, Side Hotel Hotel, the Hotel 25hours, Tortue, Rocco Forte, The Fontenay, the Roomers, the Arosa and the ferry house Munkmarsch on Sylt to name only a few examples.

These special and exclusive dog sofas or cushions are often requested to be custom-made. We will not only tailor your own fabric to match your curtains or sofa cushions, we will also discuss your desired colours or patterns with you using colour and fabric palettes. Whether pink, turquoise, petrol or grey tones, whether floral patterns or stripes, dotted or checkered cushions and beds for your dog - we are always happy to advise you and manufacture your dream sofa or cushion for your dream dog.

Dog cushions

The pure, simple and also space-saving variant of a dog sleeping place: it has no frame, is therefore not as wide as the dog beds and baskets. This allows your dog to take advantage of the entire area and it just fits better in some facilities. The dog cushions are therefore also good to take with you on journeys. They are easier to stow away and make sure that your dog always has a place to sleep while on vacation, traveling or visiting friends and feels comfortable and at home.

The cushions, like all products of the label DOGS in the CITY are manufactured in high-quality handwork. Removable and machine washable. The inner pads are filled with a stable flake mixture. Small, internal quilted chambers ensure that the flake mix does not slip and the pillow always provides sufficient support for your dog.

DOGS in the CITY: Your online address for dog pillows
Large dogs, small dogs, medium-sized dogs - the variety of dog breeds is enormous. But when it comes to a dog pillow for the car or a comfortable dog pillow, round or square for your home, you as the owner of larger breeds are often at a loss. Also in the design the selection was not always convincing so far. This has come to an end, because with the DOGS in the CITY range you can quickly and comfortably find a stylish and comfortable XL dog pillow without a long search.
Would you like a dog cushion in grey, taupe, greige or brown to match your interior perfectly and, for example, to harmonise with the floor or wall colour? Or can we delight you with a large, comfortable cushion in grey with a star? Look around in peace, we assure you that in our offer you will find dog pillows for big dogs. Browse and shop comfortably in our online shop, choose your favourite colour, your favourite fabric and choose your oversized dog pillow or bed from us. We offer you all common payment methods, such as Paypal, Amazon, purchase on account and prepayment with discount.
Your four-legged friend will love this new place!
Do you know the problem that your dog is reluctant to go to his place and much rather lie with you together on the couch? What is tolerated with a small dog, costs with a shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Vizlar or a Great Dane the restful evening. We have the solution with our dog cushions for large dogs. Whether as a dog cushion in the car or round or angular for the living room: large dogs feel at home in the comfortable, specially designed places. Our dog pillows for the car, as well as the dog pillows for large dogs in the house, are available in different designs. All models, such as the XL dog pillow as a grey or anthracite pillow with star or the rectangular dog pillow in greige, taupe, mud or anthracite become your favourite place due to their comfortable padding and your dog feels like on cloud 7.

For a restful sleep
We offer you dog pillows in different designs and sizes, on which your dog will find a restful sleep. Our dog pillows are practical and comfortable and can also be taken on journeys. So your dog always has his sleeping place with him, where he feels comfortable and secure. The pillows do not need as much space as a dog basket. So for all Luxurydogs there is the matching comfortable pillow. Our dog pillows are filled with a stable flake mixture, so that your dog is always offered sufficient support. Therefore, our dog pillows with orthopaedic properties are also suitable for dogs with joint problems.  

Dog blankets, Fur blankets & car blankets for dogs - practical and comfortable!

In our assortment you will find different dog blankets and Travel Mats. The dog blankets are colour-coordinated with our collections and can be perfectly combined with our dog baskets exclusively. For your dog basket in grey you will find the matching grey blanket. And also for the dog sofa, which is orthopaedic, there is the suitable dog blanket. For travelling as well as for your own sofa, our dog blankets are ideal for all dogs. Our blankets are double laid and provided inside with a soft cuddly fleece. You will find dog blankets with handles, which can be easily rolled in and out again. We also offer you a particularly fine and noble collection of dog blankets. Our luxury synthetic fur blankets can be ideally combined with a dog sofa, which embodies luxury, or with a dog basket in grey.  

Perfect also for the journey and by the thicker mattress our Travel bed is suitable for your favourite. This dog cushion in brown or grey is sufficiently thickly padded and ensures a healthy sleep, but can be folded together to save space. The underside made of very high-quality imitation leather makes the travel pillow an insensitive companion when travelling in the car. Later it can be spread out without hesitation in every hotel room, on the terrace, in the Huta or in the holiday home. Your dog will love it.

Would you like to make life as comfortable as possible for your four-legged darling? If your dog regularly drives in your car, the purchase of car blankets for dogs is a good idea. These blankets are particularly comfortable and cuddly for your dog and also protect your car from dirt and scratches. Fur blankets are a good alternative to other types of blankets if your four-legged friend loves the warmth. Especially in winter or for particularly cold-sensitive breeds the purchase of a thick, sufficiently large dog blanket offers itself. Grey, taupe or grey is suitable for all furnishing styles, but also for the furniture in your car. This colour is also considered to be particularly resistant to dirt. On our high-quality fur covers you will neither see the dog hair particularly well, nor the dirt of forest and field.  Especially if you travel a lot with your dog, go on holiday, visit friends or leave your favourite in the dog day care centre, if your dog has his blanket with him, he feels safe and happy everywhere, because he always has his own smell with him.

This aspect is especially important for puppies to strengthen their sense of security. For all small dogs and puppies we have the beautiful, soft and light Poochy blankets in our category blankets. Lama plush blankets with high heat storage, a lightweight and incredibly cuddly. Beside the mentioned blankets you can find many more articles for the dog on our website. Because we want everyone to find the right product here, the selection is large.  

Car blankets for dogs - you should pay attention to this:
Of course, fur blankets and car blankets for dogs should not only be high-quality processed, but also made of a particularly durable material. After all, these products have to endure many strains every day without quickly breaking or looking worn out. In addition, your dog enters the dog blanket regularly with his sharp claws. These claws wear off the fabric too quickly. For this reason we attach importance to the fact that in our Shop only covers for dogs are sold, which hold also with the daily use for a long time and look above all always good. After all, the whole car will be beautified if the car blankets for dogs look very good for a long time.

Since we have been dealing with this matter for many years, we always pay attention to quality and functionality. As our customer, you benefit from this in the long term. If you are still unsure which fur blankets best suit your or the recipient's requirements, then simply let us advise you on a dog blanket without obligation. Of course we sell all our products at fair prices, because we want every dog owner to be able to afford these great products.

Accessories such as plush bones, plush teddy bears and treat bags for the dog

Are you looking for a gift for your dog? Or would you like to make another dog owner happy instead of flowers? Then this section is the right place for you.

During the production of our dog beds, dog cushions and dog baskets, of course, there are leftovers when cutting to size. And because we do not like to put things and materials away, we process these materials to plush bones without Quitsche (Squeaker) in the no S size and the XL size, which are by the way also very much loved as pillows. Colourful fabrics, pink, purple, turquoise or petrol, as well as crazy patterns decorate these softly filled plush bones. These are loved by our customers as a birthday present for the dog. For all puppies we have made the plush bones from especially soft Lama plush. Soft, light and simply a favorite piece for all small dogs and puppies.  

You will also find the popular Lama bags in our online shop. These snack bags are particularly suitable for on the way, for dog training or on journeys. The snack bag is easy to retrieve, but is also a perfect companion in your own handbag. A beautiful hand cuddler that can be washed in the washing machine. Also the Leckerlie bag is a nice gift idea for your own dog or as a souvenir for a friendly dog owner.

Our plush teddy Charly is our special favourite. Lovingly sewn by hand, without quitsche (squeaker), this teddy is definitely the new favourite toy for your dog. For all small dogs and puppies there is Charly in the size S and for the big breeds Charly have manufactured in XL. Isn't this a particularly nice reward for your darling? A very individual gift idea?