The dog blankets and travel beds from the label DOGS in the CITY

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Dog Blanket Sports Nicki anthracite dark grey
Dog Blanket Sports Nicki anthracite dark grey
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1 to 16 (from a total of 67)

The dog blankets and travel beds from the label DOGS in the CITY

Whether it is to take care of dog beds & pillows, travel by car or visiting friends or in the restaurant. The dog blankets and travel beds are a practical, useful accessory.
Color coordinated to our individual collections, the blankets complement each sleeping place or even your own sofa. The blankets and travel beds are made in high-quality handwork.
Double-layered with a soft non-woven lining. Thus, the ceilings are warm, protective on cool soils and an ideal companion also on the road, travelling by car or train.
The used fabrics are extremely resistant to animal hair, very insensitive and machine washable.
Whether for small dogs the XS travel bed up to thel L size for big dogs, you will find your perfect size.

Dog Blankets & Travel Beds

Fur blankets & Car blankets for dogs - practical and comfortable!

You want to make your four-legged darling's life as comfortable as possible? If your dog regularly drives in your car, it is a good idea to buy car covers for dogs. These are particularly comfortable and cuddly for your dog and also protect your car from dirt and scratches. Fur blankets are a good alternative to other types of blankets if your four-legged friend loves the warmth. Especially in winter or for particularly sensitive breeds it is a good idea to buy a thick, sufficiently large dog blanket. Grey is suitable for all furnishing styles, but also for the furniture in your car. This colour is also considered to be particularly resistant to dirt. On our high-quality fur covers you will see neither the dog hair particularly well, nor the dirt of forest and field. In addition to the types of blankets mentioned above, you will find many other articles for dogs on our website. Because we want everyone to find the right product here, the selection is large - there is much more than just a grey dog blanket.

Car blankets for the dog - you should pay attention to this:

Of course, fur covers and car covers for dogs should not only be of high quality, but also made of a very durable material. After all, these products have to endure many strains every day without quickly breaking or looking worn out. In addition, your dog regularly enters the grey dog blanket with his sharp claws. These will wear off the fabric too quickly. For this reason we attach importance to the fact that in our Shop only covers for dogs are sold, which hold also with the daily use for a long time and look above all always good. After all, the whole car will be covered if the car covers for dogs look very good for a long time.

Fur blankets & Co: Large selection, small prices

If you are looking for a dog blanket in grey or another nice colour, you will find it in our shop quickly and easily. We offer blankets in every possible material and in very different fits. If you would like to give away car blankets for dogs to a dog owner from your circle of friends, you are welcome to decide on a copy on our website. As we have been dealing with this subject for many years, we always pay attention to quality and functionality. As our customer, you benefit from this in the long term. If you are still unsure as to which fur blankets best match your or the recipient's requirements, then why not let us advise you on a dog blanket without obligation? Of course, we sell all our products at fair prices, because we want every dog owner to be able to afford these great products.

Practical car blankets for dogs / dog blankets in grey & other colours

The car blankets for dogs are extremely comfortable, even if your four-legged friend spends some time in the car. In our shop you will find blankets for small, medium and very large dogs. It is best to measure the size of the space in your car where the dog should stay before you buy. In addition, consider the seasons in which the car covers should be used for dogs. If it is a grey dog blanket especially for the winter, then the high-quality, thick fur blankets from our shop are particularly suitable. These store heat particularly well and hardly let any heat through from the floor. A dog blanket in grey or another colour can be a cuddly place for your dog in the car or at home.