Exclusive dog beds, cushions, blanktes handcrafted in Germany.

1 to 16 (from a total of 60)
1 to 16 (from a total of 60)

The beddings from the brand DOGS in the CITY are made from best materials in high quality.

Very special and individual designs, nice shells that fit perfectly into the furnishing style or set special accents.
All fabrics are extremely robust, resistant to animal hair and machine washable. The inner cushions, hand-tight, stable and supportive are also machine washable.
Due to the ingenious flake mix, the cushions are also perfectly suitable for heavy dogs and dogs with joint and bone problems.
You can find the dog basket or the dog bag or cave for small dogs as well as the dog pillows and dog beds for large dogs.
For dogs and your owners with the highest demands we manufacture these sleeping places with the utmost care and in professional handwork.

Dogbed exclusive