The dog cushions of the brand DOGS in the CITY.

1 to 16 (from a total of 40)
1 to 16 (from a total of 40)

The dog cushions of the brand DOGS in the CITY.

The pure, simple and also space-saving variant of a dog sleeping place: it has no frame, is therefore not as wide as the dog beds and baskets. This allows your dog to take advantage of the entire area and it just fits better in some facilities. The dog cushions are therefore also good to take with you on journeys. They are easier to stow away and make sure that your dog always has a place to sleep while on vacation, traveling or visiting friends and feels comfortable and at home.
The cushions, like all products of the label DOGS in the CITY are manufactured in high-quality handwork. Removable and machine washable. The inner pads are filled with a stable flake mixture. Small, internal quilted chambers ensure that the flake mix does not slip and the pillow always provides sufficient support for your dog.
We offer 3 different sizes - so you will find the perfect size of your new cushion for your dog.

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Large dogs, small dogs, medium-sized dogs - the variety of dog breeds is enormous. But when it comes to a dog pillow for the car or a comfortable dog pillow, round or square for your home, you as the owner of larger breeds are often at a loss. Also in the design the selection was not always convincing so far. This has come to an end, because with the DOGS in the CITY range you will find a stylish and comfortable XL dog pillow without a long search.
Would you like a dog cushion in brown or brown to match your interior perfectly and, for example, to harmonise with the sofa? Or can we inspire you with a large, comfortable cushion in grey with a star? Look around in peace, we assure you that in our offer you will find dog pillows for big dogs!

Your four-legged friend will love this new place!

Do you know the problem that your dog doesn't like to go to his place and would much rather lie on the sofa together with you? What is still tolerated with a small dog, costs with a shepherd dog or a Great Dane the restful evening. We have the solution with our dog cushions for big dogs. Whether as a dog cushion in the car or round or angular for the living room: large dogs feel at home in the comfortable, specially designed places. Our dog pillows for the car, as well as the dog pillows for large dogs in the house, are available in different designs. All models, such as the XL dog pillow as a grey pillow with star or the dog pillow round and brown or grey, become your favourite place due to their comfortable padding.

Your advantages with an XL dog cushion:
  • Dog cushions for large dogs are ideally adapted to the requirements of the animal
  • designed with washable cover
  • manufactured in comfortable quality
  • available in different colours (e.g. dog pillow in grey or brown)
  • heavy duty & suitable for permanent use
  • ideal in your rooms
  • can be used as a dog pillow in the car.

Would you like to know more about a round dog pillow, for example in brown? Or are you interested in the big pillow in grey with star or a dog pillow in grey without pattern? Our dog cushions in XL are an innovation for all dog owners who want to create a comfortable place for their four-legged friend without negatively affecting the appearance of their living space.

Dog pillow for large dogs - practical XL dog pillows

We are happy to advise you, for example about a dog pillow in grey, brown or beige. We will also be happy to show you the advantages of a dog pillow in your car. Also, if you are considering whether you want to buy a dog pillow round or the classic square shape, we are there for you. Look around in our shop in the dog cushions for large dogs and be sure: You do not have to search long for the suitable model in your desire color. Our dog pillows are lovingly made by hand, washable and removable. A stable flake mixture inside ensures that the dog pillow in the car or other XL dog pillows are up to the challenges of everyday life. Each dog pillow in grey or brown, round and angular, corresponds in its quality to the orthopaedic pillows on the market.